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Unlocking value by tracing, managing, and recovering physical assets throughout their lifecycle in B2B supply chains

Loopcycle helps commercial equipment manufacturers and operators trace, manage, and recover equipment throughout its lifecycle, solving the visibility crisis currently affecting B2B supply chains. When products are sold through a distribution network, manufacturers do not know to who/where their products are sold. As a result, they cannot maximize lifetime customer value or recover obsolete appliances to remanufacture and recycle. Moreover, due to ineffective inventory management, commercial operators of these appliances often lose track of what they have. This results in operational downtime through poor maintenance, costing time and money, and increased asset disposal which has a negative environmental impact. Their digital platform solves this by building a data relationship between all actors in the supply chain, unlocking product visibility and enabling direct interactions between manufacturers and operators of commercial appliances.

Loopcycle is no longer operating.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over £350k in pre-Seed investment through institutional and Angel investors
  • Awarded over £150k in grant funding through Innovate UK
  • Won 4 commercial contracts including Electrolux Professional and AXA

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