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Building a childcare system that works with a community of high-quality in-home childcare programs

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Erica Mackey

Co-founder & CEO at MyVillage

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MyVillage is reinventing home-based care by bringing families and educators together to provide outstanding education in nurturing homes. Whether it’s a stay-at-home parent or someone looking for a career change, MyVillage empowers customers to start their own child care or preschool program, so they can make a big difference in little lives. MyVillage's vision focuses on creating a higher standard of care for all kinds of families using their technology platform where they apply a Peloton-style education experience to early childcare givers. They train home based caregivers through cohorts based on a live training experience and then organize the educators based on location and affinity groups.

MyVillage is no longer operating.

Notable Achievements

  • Expanded our membership based from 2 to 48 US states (during COVID).
  • Acquire over 1,000 new caregivers a week to our community.
  • Increase caregivers earnings by 30-50% through our platform.

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