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Developing sustainable packaging materials that enable second-life applications for plastic and glass waste.

Employees 21–50
Headquarters Taipei, Taiwan
PackAge+ develops sustainable packaging made from recycled plastic bottles and glass materials for e-commerce and technology customers in Taiwan, allowing businesses to ship their products while reducing CO2 emissions.

PackAge+’s solution helps give plastic and glass waste a second life, enabling circular economy applications. Their packaging is waterproof and can be used more than 50 times, reducing at least 1.25kg of CO2 per reuse. PackAge+ utilizes a tech-enabled tracking system that assigns each package a unique ID, allowing them to track where their packages are, how many times they have been reused, and where packages are returned. Consumers and brands can also access this information through the company’s digital dashboard. There, they can understand their impact and CO2 savings, as well as find locations to return the packaging and receive coupon rewards. PackAge+ is committed to bringing consumers and brands together to drive awareness around sustainable packaging and reduce their carbon footprint.

Notable Achievements

  • Established partnerships with Watsons, Family Mart & 7-11
  • Received $2M+ in a crowdfunding campaign to scale their operations and prove the importance of sustainable packaging materials to consumers
  • Recognized for their social innovation work from the ATCC National College Business Case Competition, Tic100 Social Innovation Experimenter, and FITI Innovation and Entrepreneurship Incentive Competition

Currently Operating in One Region

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