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Connecting consumers to a network of low-carbon fuel options, accelerating the transition to an equitable and zero-carbon future.

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Koichi Kurisu

COO at Propel Fuels

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Sacramento, California, United States
Founded in 2004, Propel Fuels connects consumers to better fuels. With Flex Fuel and advanced diesel locations across California, Propel provides new fuel choices that perform better, deliver higher value, and support healthier communities. The company has pioneered clean fuel retail, leading the industry with unparalleled innovation in retail technology and customer experience. Propel has also developed CleanDrive®, the nation’s first integrated carbon emission reduction tracking platform, to quantify impact and accelerate market adoption of low carbon fuels. Propel seeks to inform and empower public policy by quantifying what it learns as a leading downstream provider of the best low carbon options available. The Propel brand is a channel for delivering new technologies and accelerating the transition to an equitable, zero-carbon future.

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