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Eliminating gigaton-scale greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

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Nusqe Spanton

Founder & CEO at Provectus Algae

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Australia
Provectus Algae is a carbon removal company that provides a seaweed-based feed additive. This additive acts as an effective burp suppressant, providing a simple, cost-effective solution to reduce methane emissions from dairy and beef farms. It offers an easy-to-access solution that does not involve drastic changes to the supply chain or consumer behaviour. This approach allows corporations to support a ‘just transition’ model of sustainability, enabling farm families to continue their livelihoods while adopting sustainable practices. Through its services, Provectus Algae offers a low-cost solution for corporations wishing to meet public SBTi goals and reduce large amounts of carbon in their supply chains.

Notable Achievements

  • Produce cheap & effective stockfeeds to reduce methane emissions by up to 95% in ruminant livestock
  • Manufacturing method yields 5x faster growth than the industry's best rates and yields 3.3x more bioactive (bromoform) than competitors
  • Secured over US$25 million in funding and grants, built a 12,000L pilot facility and 30,000L demonstration plant, and obtained 4 patents

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May 23, 2024

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Posted May 29, 2023

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Queensland, Australia

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