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Quarrio puts the power of information at your fingertips in seconds. Interact with data by simply asking questions and having conversations. Faster decisions, easier access to information, less time wasted waiting

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KG Charles-Harris

CEO at Quarrio

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Berkeley, California, United States
Quarrio often gets compared to ChatGPT, but there are distinct differences. ChatGPT predicts and probabilistically generates answers to questions (guesses), whereas Quarrio has semantic understanding/comprehension and computes answers that are accurate, explainable, and verifiable. With ChatGPT, unless you know the answer beforehand, users cannot determine whether the answer is correct or incorrect or even the degree of correctness. ChatGPT is not intelligence at all — the user must have intelligence and discernment. This is not the case with Quarrio.

It’s really two different technology approaches, where Quarrio is a semantic engine (understands meaning) that delivers accuracy, explainability, and verifiability while ChatGPT is a probabilistic text generator. This difference in approach results in different use cases as well — Quarrio is applicable in operational use cases where the user seeks accurate information from structured or semi-structured data (think banking, other financial institutions, healthcare, pharma, utilities, etc.) while ChatGPT and other LLMs/Transformers are more useful l in generating marketing and other copy (media, eCommerce, etc.) and for enhancing traditional search applications to find answers from unstructured documents.

Notable Achievements

  • Leadership team includes Former Global Head of R&D for IBM; co-founder of Symantec; creator of the web search and AI groups for both PayPal
  • Received the Software and Internet Industry Association’s (SIIA) NextGen Award for Big Data in 2 categories – “Best Overall” and “Most Disru
  • Incubated at and partnered with Salesforce.

Currently Operating in Six Regions

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