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Operating a reusable container program for enterprise foodservice.

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Caroline Vanderlip

CEO & Founder at Re:Dish

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York, United States
Re:Dish's turnkey, reusable container service helps make foodservice operations more sustainable while helping companies meet their ESG goals. Re:Dish delivers and collects containers and cups, cleans and sanitizes them at its own industrial washing facility, and then returns them back to customers. With DishTrack®, its inventory and impact dashboard, Re:Dish clients are able to track their landfill waste diversion, carbon emissions savings, and water reduction in real-time which can feed directly into customer's Scope 3 ESG reporting. Re:Dish services corporate cafeterias and pantries, arenas, K-12 schools, production sets – anywhere food is served at scale. Re:Dish's tracking and washing capabilities are also available to service other reusable products and companies.

Notable Achievements

  • Built the first washing facility to support reusable products at scale
  • Expecting to divert more than 3 million single use packages from landfill in first full year of operation
  • Raised more than $7 million to build a network of washing centers

Currently Operating in 57 Regions

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