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Empowering artisans across the supply chain to connect with socially conscious consumers and corporations.

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Antonio Nuño

Co-Founder & CEO at Someone Somewhere

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Employees 51–100
Headquarters Mexico City, Mexico City, Mexico
Someone Somewhere (SS) is a sustainable and ethical brand that creates carbon-negative, impact-positive products. By connecting conscious consumers and corporations to artisans across LATAM through a mobile-based supply chain, the company is raising thousands of people out of extreme poverty and recycling thousands of tons of cotton and plastic.

The company connects indigenous artisans, 98% women, in remote regions with vital, rapidly growing markets in the United States and LATAM by delivering functional, fashionable, sustainable and high-quality products for socially conscious consumers (eg: apparel, backpacks, accessories, luggage). The brand has a B2B channel where they work with large corporations (Eg: Google, Uber, Delta Air Lines) to help them incorporate artisans into their supply chain, and a D2C channel where they sell through their own online and physical stores.

Notable Achievements

  • More than 2 million products created with rural artisans since brand launch
  • Will generate more than 500,000 hours of work for artisans in 2022
  • Just launched partnership with Delta Airlines to produce all the amenity kits for their global flights (more than 10M products/year)

Currently Operating in 246 Regions

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