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Building the world’s largest discovery and sourcing platform in the apparel supply chain for products to be made by a highly-skilled and fairly-paid workforce.

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Jag Gill, CFA

CEO & Founder at Purpose Works and CEO & Founder at Sundar

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Hong Kong
Ninety-eight percent of apparel purchased in the U.K. and U.S. is sourced and manufactured overseas, making it difficult to know where textiles come from and how they were made. SUNDAR is transforming the trillion dollar apparel supply chain by creating transparency, efficiency, and information tools to disrupt global sourcing and discovery. Their goal is to aid in the promotion and development of faster and safer ways for products to be made by a highly-skilled and fairly-paid workforce. SUNDAR is building the world's largest discovery and sourcing platform, connecting fashion brands with manufacturers and suppliers of textiles, trims, components, and specialist services -- enabling in minutes what used to take weeks or months to accomplish. Sundar is currently working with more than 500 suppliers.

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