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Unlocking the production of green hydrogen at scale with proprietary electrodes, making the water electrolysis process more efficient and less expensive

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Tulika Raj

Co-Founder & CEO at SunGreenH2

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Singapore
SunGreenH2 unlocks the production of affordable green hydrogen through its hyper-efficient, proprietary electrodes, which make the water electrolysis process more efficient, sustainable and less costly. SunGreenH2 manufactures core components - cells, stacks, and systems - involved in the electrolysis process, which can be utilised by all different green hydrogen producers, including Alkaline, PEM, AEM, membrane-free electrolyzer OEMs. Their core technology involves replacing existing cell components, which typically use expensive materials like platinum, iridium and titanium coated with gold, with low-cost and earth-abundant materials utilising their proprietary high-performance coating. This results in 200% green hydrogen production, 50% decreased stack CAPEX, 10% lower energy consumption, and 30x reduced expensive precious metals usage. While their core innovation applies at the cell level of the electrolyzer, which is the building block for the whole system, SunGreenH2 also produces the full stacks and electrolyzer systems for AEM technology as well, utilising design innovation to reap further efficiencies. Their solution is plug-and-play, meaning it can be utilised in any existing manufacturing process. SunGreenH2’s entire technology platform is under patent-protection and has been under development for the past 10 years. With the technology ready to go, the company is currently undergoing rapid commercialization as they establish a manufacturing and R&D facility in Australia to manufacture their products for customers across the globe.

Notable Achievements

  • Technology doubles (2x) hydrogen production at 50% of the original cost. 30x reduced use of platinum group metals. 10% lower energy usage.
  • Deploying technology in Singapore, EU, US, Canada, Chile, Japan & Australia
  • CEO has $2B transaction experience in renewables. CTO is an award-winning scientist.

Currently Operating in Eight Regions

Press Mentions

May 30, 2023

Singapore startup SunGreenH2 launches Melbourne hub

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April 17, 2023

BloombergNEF Announces 12 Climate Innovators as the Winners of the 2023 BNEF Pioneers Award | BloombergNEF

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Posted April 25, 2024

Mechanical Engineer

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Posted April 27, 2023

Materials & Quality Technician

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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Posted March 9, 2023

Admin & Finance Assistant, Melbourne

Melbourne VIC, Australia

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Posted December 22, 2022

Admin & Finance Manager


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Posted December 22, 2022

Material Engineer

Melbourne, VIC, Australia

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