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Revolutionizing the way our planet deals with organic waste through on-site decentralized energy and nutrient hubs for hotels, harbors, shopping malls, and more.

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Lara van Druten

CEO and Founder at The Waste Transformers

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Waste Transformers (TWT) create decentralized energy and nutrient hubs (Waste Transformers) by converting organic waste streams into energy, while also recovering the natural resources and water in the waste, all on-site. TWT provide a green, entrepreneurial alternative to the old model of make, use, and discard by creating on-site circular economies around waste for companies. TWT's "Business in a box" model, empowers local communities, companies, and governments to leverage their waste to power positive change. The "Business in a box" program provides local entrepreneurs with the support and tools needed to run their own Waste Transformer as a business, cleaning up their neighborhood and achieving payback times between three to five years. It is a small-scale, high impact approach, revolutionizing the way our planet deals with organic waste.

Currently Operating in Six Regions

Press Mentions

April 17, 2018

Sierra Leone’s Masada Waste Management wins major award


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