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Eliminating 90 percent of energy used during thermal separations with durable graphene oxide membranes

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Shreya Dave

Co-Founder & CEO at Via Separations

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Watertown, Massachusetts, United States
Via Separations, an MIT-based venture, has developed a cost-effective, innovative membrane for industrial separations. Made of graphene oxide, the membrane can reduce the amount of energy used in industrial separations by 90% and capital expenditures by 50%. Unlike its polymer alternatives, graphene oxide's chemical composition enables it to withstand various environments, pH levels, and temperatures, factors that often lead polymer membranes to swell, react, or degrade during separations. Via's cross-industry filtration system is inherently modular and flexible to demand, offering a more efficient and sustainable solution without downtime or overhaul of production facilities. Via's pilot with Graphic Packaging International (GPI) demonstrated the first successful implementation of membranes in the black liquor process in history, representing the first step towards deploying membrane-based filtration systems across pulp, chemical, and petrochemical separations.

Notable Achievements

  • Deployed two (third ongoing) successful field pilots demonstrating 10 million times scale up of the technology.
  • Scaling to commercial implementation just 4 years after inception.
  • Raised nearly $50M in venture and grant capital.

Press Mentions

October 21, 2021

MIT spinoff Via Separations scores $38M Series B to decarbonize manufacturing

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Work at Via Separations

Posted May 30, 2023

Senior Sales Engineer

Watertown, MA, USA

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Posted May 28, 2023


Watertown, MA, USA

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Posted May 11, 2023

Engineering Systems Operator

Watertown, MA, USA

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Posted April 2, 2023

Director of Engineering

Watertown, MA, USA

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Posted March 15, 2023

Senior Instrument and Controls Engineer

Watertown, MA, USA

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Posted February 24, 2023

EHS Manager

Watertown, MA, USA

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Posted October 28, 2022

Engineering Project Manager

Watertown, MA, USA

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