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Renato Villar

Founder at Voltz

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Employees 101–200
Headquarters Recife, State of Pernambuco, Brazil
Voltz Motors is the first brand in Brazil to sell smart and sustainable motorbikes, capitalizing on the capabilities of electric batteries and powertrains to move Latin America to a more sustainable mobility ecosystem. Voltz realized that to rapidly and effectively move mobility to sustainability, they had to break from the models of the past. As a result, Voltz sells smart motorbikes, incorporating IoT, which has opened new opportunities for customers and the business alike. Their e-commerce concept for motorcycles - similar to Tesla's model - is a paradigm shift in the motorcycle segment, and places Voltz at the forefront of the electric motorcycle market in Brazil. Voltz's new approach solves several challenges associated with the motorbike space in Brazil: incredibly high financing rates, high insurance rates, high theft rates, and poor education in being a motorbike rider. Because their smart motorcycles are connected 24 hours a day to the company’s servers, they are capable of monitoring everything in real-time. This data gives Voltz the leverage to provide their own hyper-competitive rates of insurance and financing, as well as protect against theft and provide feedback to riders on their driving safety. Having implemented this business model to great success, Voltz is now entering another paradigm shift - selling electric motorbikes without the batteries and then offering Batteries-as-a-Service via partnered swapping stations.

Notable Achievements

  • $19.5 million USD pre-series A convertible note.
  • Recognized as the main electric motorcycle company in Brazil.

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