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Developing circular recycling technologies for textiles, replacing virgin resources with recaptured raw materials.

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Cyndi Rhoades

Founder at Worn Again Technologies

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Today’s methods for textile-to-textile recycling are extremely limited. They can neither separate out dyes and other contaminants that went into textiles, nor separate mixed fibres, such as polyester and cotton blends. As a result, less than 1 percent of existing textiles go back into the making of new textiles, while an estimated 53 million tonnes of textiles are going to landfill or incineration every year worldwide. To add to these challenges, the demand for raw materials to make new textiles is set to increase by 63 percent in the next 10 years. Clearly, new solutions to meet future resource demands are needed. Worn Again Technologies’ pioneering polymer recycling technology is able to separate, decontaminate and extract polyester and cellulose (from cotton) from non-reusable textiles to be made back into new products in the existing supply chains. The aim of their technology is to enable these recaptured resources to be kept in constant circulation, driving positive economic, social and environmental benefits, competitively processing blended inputs and producing dual outputs while preserving global resources. The technology is being developed for licensing to plant operators worldwide.

Notable Achievements

  • Investors include H&M, Sulzer, Himes and Directex.
  • Support of influential brands and partners, such as Kering, ASICS Europe, Sympatex, Dibella and Dhana.
  • Launched pilot R&D facility at the Centre for Process Innovation in early 2020 to validate and develop Worn Again's commercial processes.

Currently Operating in 246 Regions

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