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Mimicking the nature of aqua ecosystems to create high-quality and sustainable organic shrimps

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Doohyun Lee

CEO at Aqua Development

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Seoul, South Korea
Aqua Development Ltd. (AD) is an innovative aquaculture company, producing some of the highest quality, organic shrimps using a “KAMI sys” technology. This technology lies at the intersection of aquatic biology and technology (symbiotic), mimicking the nature of actual aqua ecosystems to create living organisms for the welfare development of aquatic animals. Incredibly safe and sustainable, AD currently applies its technology exclusively to shrimp farmers, building indoor farms for individual consumers as well. Utilizing their methodology and technology, farmers can produce high-quality organic shrimps with traceability from production to customers' tables.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised US $850K seed round investment from D3 Jubilee Partners, a Korean Impact VC.
  • Named a Finalist for the Future Food Asia 2020 (FFA) competition.
  • Completed development of a super-intensive indoor shrimp farm in Korea, targeting to produce 100 tons all year around.

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