Doohyun is an Unreasonable Fellow. Doohyun has participated in 1 program, including Unreasonable Impact Asia Pacific 2021 (Jun).
Doohyun was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. Upon high school graduation, Doohyun went to Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore USA and received bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering. Doohyun worked for power plant design firm and gained extensive knowledge in designing plants.
After returning to Korea, Doohyun joined Seyeong NDC as a a project manager, leading around 40 team members and managing a budget of close to $10M+ project – Radiation Monitoring System for UAE nuclear power plant. In 2014, a red book called "Don't go to Harvard university, Go to Beijing University" made Doohyun to start his journey in China. Doohyun gained valuable experience in sales, marketing, and business development from two European consulting companies in Shanghai China.
Now, Doohyun is the CEO of Aqua Development focusing on creating new paradigm in aquaculture through sustainable and eco-friendly culturing method and offering the best organic shrimp to the global market.