Placing biological systems at the heart of building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods.

Biohm believes the most sustainable, resilient, and adaptive examples of design can be found in nature’s organisms and systems. Therefore, Biohm mimics biological processes to synthesize man-made products, combining ideologies of the circular economy and human-centered design with future-tech to revolutionize building technologies, materials and manufacturing methods. With a hyper-focus on resource-efficiency and regeneration, Biohm has developed two materials - Mycelium Insulation (Mi) and Organic Refuse Biocompound (Orb). Mi achieves better thermal performance than almost all other insulation materials, and Orb is a 100% biodegradable, vegan and renewable building product. Biohm aims to eventually combine their materials in an interlocking construction system, Triagomy, which has patents granted, published and pending in almost 60 countries. Biohm carries out extensive research and life-cycle assessments for renewable energy and self-sufficient adaptive buildings. From offsite construction, carbon-neutral/negative materials, and manufacturing methods to improved insulation and smart building envelopes, they aim to integrate state-of-the-art technologies such as sensors and Big Data into all of their products and services to ensure the industry’s sustainability and improve its long-term resilience.


London, England, United Kingdom


Ehab Sayed

Ehab Sayed (Founder & Director of Innovation at Biohm) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2020 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2020.

Unreasonable Impact UK & Europe 2020
World Economic Forum

The Circulars Accelerator

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