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Celtic Renewables

Repurposing organic waste into high value sustainable products and biofuel at scale

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Mark Simmers

CEO at Celtic Renewables

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Celtic Renewables is commercialising a patented clean technology, developed and owned by the company, which converts low value materials into high value solvents using an innovative adaptation of a proven industrial process – ABE (Acetone, Butanol and Ethanol) Fermentation. The company's mission is to be the world leader in ABE fermentation as a global sustainable industry.

The annual global demand for these bio-based solvents (which displace fossil-fuel equivalents) is millions of tonnes, and the uses of these solvents touch almost every aspect of everyday life, in sectors such as personal care, cosmetics, food and industrial manufacturing.

Globally there are billions of tonnes of low-value biological materials which are suitable for the Celtic Renewables process, giving the potential to completely displace fossil fuel equivalents in the future - a global imperative.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over £35m of early-stage funding
  • Developed a first-of-a-kind manufacturing plant in Scotland
  • Attracted global media coverage for its compelling value proposition

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