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Cleverciti Systems

Developing comprehensive, high-tech solutions for on-street and open air parking detection, monitoring, and guidance to reduce search traffic and carbon dioxide emissions.

Employees 21–50
Headquarters Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Cleverciti Systems is the leader in comprehensive, high-tech solutions for open air and on-street parking detection, monitoring, and guidance. Based in Germany, Cleverciti provides cities and organizations with a robust and highly reliable solution that enhances convenience, builds loyalty, and boosts engagement, allowing their customers to maximize ROI and streamline the parking experience. Its end-to-end solutions are designed to strengthen parking detection, improve guidance, and enhance communication. One smart parking sensor can cover up to 100 spaces, and they are easily mounted on facades, lampposts, or masts without requiring roadwork. The sensors analyse parking spaces along the streets, sending real-time updates every three seconds. As a leader in intelligent parking solutions, Cleverciti seeks to not only help cities and organizations reduce traffic and emissions, but also to increase revenue while allowing drivers to enjoy a smooth, stress-free parking experience. The company operates across 16 countries globally.

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