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Empowering farmers to become Agropreneurs with a cashless agricultural capital platform.

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Yohanes Sugihtononugroho

Cofounder and CEO at CROWDE

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Employees 101–200
Headquarters Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
CROWDE is an agriculture-focused fintech company that empowers farmers across Indonesia with technology, data and capital. In addition to connecting borrowers to retail and institutional lenders, CROWDE also integrates the entire agriculture ecosystem from suppliers to customers enabling cashless and transparent disbursement and allowing for economies of scale. CROWDE’s marketplace informs farmers about the types of produce to grow, based on market needs and demands, removing the risk of their product being redundant as buyers have already been identified. Profits are shared with the farmers and investors at the end of the process, avoiding the managing of cash whilst ensuring the farmers receive the best return — currently, three times their normal income.

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