Unreasonable Fellows

Yohanes Sugihtononugroho

CEO and Co-Founder at CROWDE

Yohanes is an Unreasonable Fellow. Yohanes has participated in 2 programs, including Unreasonable GOALS 2023 (Brazil).
Yohanes and his organization (Crowde), an agriculture-focused financial technology that empowers farmers across Indonesia with technology and capital are based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Beyond connecting investors and farmers, they also integrate the entire agriculture ecosystem from suppliers to customers through technology.
Being interested in agriculture since high school and after having gained insight from his interactions with farmers who faced a lot of challenges and failures in his effort to help farmers, he started dedicating his life to helping the farmers ever since. Since CROWDE's establishment in 2016, its employees keep growing as now they have more than 300 employees and have funded more than 50.000 farmers beneficiaries and provide them not only with capital but also technology and innovation.