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Unlocking investment in natural capital at scale

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Manuel Piñuela

Co-founder & CEO at Cultivo

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Pleasanton, California, United States
Cultivo is on a mission to bridge investment supply and demand of natural capital. The team believes that the key to unlocking investment in natural capital at scale is to attract private investment, proving strong financial returns, as well as a positive natural and social return. Using satellite technology and proprietary algorithms, Cultivo can accurately calculate, measure, and assess the value of a 500K hectare project within a matter of hours. Cultivo prioritizes working with NGOs and local landowners to package and present these opportunities to financial partners, funneling millions of dollars of investment into projects that restore and protect nature, while also serving and protecting the local communities. Their project types include Forests, Wetlands, Grasslands, and Regenerative Agriculture. These projects carry benefits far beyond just capturing carbon, including protecting biodiversity, providing fresh water, and supporting local communities, each with its own creditable value.

Notable Achievements

  • Developed proprietary technologies to digitize origination/sourcing of natural capital assets
  • Created Cultivo Nature Investments
  • Started the regeneration of forests and grasslands in the Americas

Currently Operating in Three Regions

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