Providing a school-wide communication platform that delivers real-time insights used to predict, support, and evaluate student social-emotional outcomes and behavior.

After 12 years in education, Emote Founder and CEO Julian Golder was repeatedly reminded of the crippling national reality that 70 percent of students don't get the emotional support they need. 
A lack of emotional support that results in behavioral and academic problems costing schools $14B a year and leading to over $2.4M suicide attempts every year.
In 2016, Julian assembled a team of technology and education innovators to build a solution. By pairing ML and real-time emotional data, Emote empowers schools to predict and prevent behavioral and academic problems in real-time - creating the only scalable and preventative emotional health solution.
Emote has predicted 2-in-3 behavioral problems at schools in over 15 states and 3 countries, winning awards and support from multiple accelerators including Y Combinator and Imagine K12.


Health Education Economic Inequality

Oakland, California, United States


Julian Golder

Julian Golder (Founder & CEO at Emote) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2017 and most recently participated in Project Literacy Lab 2017.

Project Literacy Lab 2017

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