A breakthrough technology that allows engines to run on excess hot water, decreasing companies' environmental impact while increasing profitability.

We've developed an engine that runs on hot water. The first new class of heat engine since the diesel engine was invented in 1893. The amount of energy lost each year in the form of waste hot water is equivalent to twice the output of Saudi Arabia, so our potential market is significant.

We've also developed an efficient emission-free heat pump that contains no refrigerants. About a third of world power goes on heating & cooling - so the market is vast - and heat pumps are the answer to decarbonising this sector. However commercial heat pumps employ refrigerants that are usually hundreds if not thousands of times more toxic to the environment than CO2. Our heat pump has no refrigerants and no emissions.

Drawdown, the best-seller environmental book of 2017, targets refrigerant management as the No. 1 global solution to mitigate climate change. If our heat pump were 100% deployed across its target market, removing refrigerants entirely, we believe it could reduce global carbon emissions by almost 20%.

We have CE-marked units running in our lab, partnership agreements with major multinationals, and over 100 patent filings.


Clean Energy Climate Action



Alan Healy

Alan Healy (Co-founder & CEO at Exergyn) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since September 2016 after participating in Unreasonable Impact UK 2016.

Unreasonable Impact UK 2016

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