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Heatworks is a technology company that utilizes its patented advanced liquid heating technology in a wide variety of applications through licensing or internal product development.

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Jerry Callahan

Founder and CEO at Heatworks

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, United States
Heatworks is reinventing ways the world can heat and use liquids more efficiently through its patented, licensable technologies and products. Ohmic Array Technology™ uses electronic controls and graphite electrodes to heat liquids instantly, to a precise temperature, and without energy loss over time unlike traditional metal heating elements. Heatworks’ award-winning smart MODEL 3 tankless electric water heater uses this technology to provide instant, endless hot water for whole-home or point-of-use applications, and is currently available on its website and Amazon. Heatworks’ patented Recirculating Fluid Heating System provides increased capacity, efficiency, and flexibility to new and existing hot water systems using any type of instantaneous heating system (gas or electric). Heatworks’ Tetra Countertop Dishwasher requires no plumbing (patent pending) and washes three full place settings using only three liters of water quickly. Tetra's first-of-its-kind self-dosing and tailored cleaning multi-use cartridge system maximizes cleaning efficacy. It will be available for pre-sale late 2021.

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