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Using naturally-occurring pheromones that manipulate insect behavior to prevent pest resistance and pollution

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Agenor Mafra-Neto

Founder & CEO at ISCA Technologies

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Employees 51–100
Headquarters Riverside, California, United States
ISCA, Inc., is a green agtech company producing the next generation of environmentally sustainable insect controls needed to feed the world. Rather than relying on outdated and hazardous chemical pesticides, ISCA’s innovations harness the power of pheromones and other naturally occurring compounds to control problem insects by manipulating their behavior. Many of ISCA’s products work by preventing pest species from mating. Others repel them away from crops. Several attract damaging insects to killing agents, reducing insecticide inputs by orders of magnitude. All affect only the targeted species, leaving honey bees and other non-targeted wildlife unharmed. ISCA products biodegrade in the field without polluting the environment. After years of success with specialty crops, ISCA is now bringing its innovations to corn, soybean, and other major crops. ISCA is based in Riverside, Calif., and has subsidiaries in the USA, Brazil, Europe, and India.

Notable Achievements

  • 70 current portfolio products born from 75+ grants totalling nearly $40m.
  • 3 Subsidiaries on 3 continents (USA, Brazil, & India) each with own manufacturing, sales, & R&D totalling a production capacity of 5,150 met
  • ISCA products decrease crop loss by 10-20% -- targeting the $450B of annual crop loss experienced by the agricultural industry.

Currently Operating in 61 Regions

Press Mentions

September 6, 2023

DE SANGOSSE Group and ISCA Inc. join forces to Bring Semiochemical Solutions for a Greener Global Insect Crop

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