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Trailblazing sustainable innovation toward a regenerative outdoor industry

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Eva Karlsson

CEO / CD at Houdini Sportswear

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden
Swedish outdoor brand Houdini Sportswear, an odd band of scientists, artists, designers and adventurer, is on a quest to reimagine the future of circular sportswear. As a company led by women, a trailblazer in sustainable innovation and a pioneer of circular business models, Houdini keeps challenging the norms of the outdoor industry.

Ever since the early nineties, when Houdini evolved from a project among climbing buddies into a company, responsible business has been their way. With the passion, determination, planning, and execution of mountaineers, Houdini has taken on the challenge of designing its business to become a force for good.

On its journey towards regenerative, Houdini is building a co-creative community for open-source innovation and sharing of knowledge, providing state-of-the-art circular sportswear and inspiration for people to reconnect to nature.

Notable Achievements

  • Outstanding customer satisfaction with 93% of customers rating Houdini 4+ stars.
  • 87% of Houdini's products are circular by design today. Aiming to reach 100% circular products in 2022.
  • Average days of use for a Houdini product is 1287 days (western average is 10, global average is 160)

Currently Operating in 22 Regions

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