Eliminating counterfeit markets with proven, invisible, anti-counterfeit marker technology.

IN-Code has developed an unrivalled technology and forensic marker platform, which enables global organizations tackle illicit trade and prove sustainable sourcing of goods. Companies to date have unsuccessfully relied on packaging and digital data to combat illicit trade. IN-Code's proven in-product, invisible, authenticity and traceability markers, can identify batch-level counterfeiting, grey market diversion, dilution, substitution, and even prove sustainable supply chains from farm to consumer across many markets. Their markers have been proven to work in pharmaceuticals (FDA approved), consumer goods, food and drink, agrochemicals, bulk commodity supply, beauty, and luxury products. Safe and market ready crypto-anchors are placed inside and on products and liquids, and when needed, are connected to Blockchain traceability systems ensuring complete transparency in the real and digital world.


Peace and Justice Health Responsible Production

London, England, United Kingdom


Joe Tilley

Joe Tilley (Co-Founder & CEO at IN-Code Technologies) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2018 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Goals 2018.

Unreasonable Goals 2018

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