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Upcycling banana waste to create cosmetics, nutritional food, and textiles

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Shirley Billot

Founder & CEO at Kadalys

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Martinique

Kadalys is the first eco-conscious Caribbean company, specializing in upcycling banana agri-waste into organic and patented actives that promote skin health and renewal. a company with sense of purpose, Kadalys gives back to the local community and preserves nature. Kadalys was founded to create a caring, eco-conscious luxury beauty company founded on three pillars: circular economy, green chemistry and inclusive capitalism based on the banana tree plant and as the founders' elevated commitment to her French West Indian heritage and the wider community. Early adopter of the circular economy model which helps preserve the natural environment by upcycling agri-waste and developing new active ingredients that concentrate the banana tree’s precious molecules. Currently, they are selling their products in 4 continents across the world through online and retail distribution channels.

Notable Achievements

  • For the R&D: 3 biochemistry thesis (2 in progess), 3 bio actives developed and alreadly used in formulas. Supported by Public funds (EU, FR)
  • For the Brand: 9 beauty awards in France in 2020 + the Best Blue Beauty Brand Award of the year in the US. US market launched in Oct 2020.
  • For the Company: The only French company selected by the Google for start up program for black founder in 2020; 500K products sold in 2020

Currently Operating in 28 Countries

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