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Utilizing a technology with the potential to replace virtually all petroleum-derived materials to transform plant biomass into sustainable products.

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Ken Richards

Chairman at Leaf Resources

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Leaf Resources and its 100% owned subsidiary Essential Queensland (EQ) aim to maximize the use of the world’s vast quantities of pine biomass. EQ processes low-value, almost waste, resinous pine logs into high-value natural, sustainable terpenes and rosins using an innovative, patentable technology that has been proven at EQ’s demonstration plant in Queensland.

Leaf Resources is a leading company in the conversion of plant biomass into cost-effective clean cellulosic sugars utilizing its proprietary “Glycell” process. These cellulosic sugars can be used to create sustainable chemicals and bioplastics to replace petroleum sourced products.

Leaf and EQ technologies are highly complementary as the extraction process employed by EQ results in a cellulosic ‘waste’ that is a potential feedstock for Leaf’s “Glycell” process for producing clean industrial sugars and lignin.

Notable Achievements

  • Initially as MD and now as Chairman Leaf Resources haas grown from AUD$2m capitalisation to AUD$120m.
  • A plant has now been constructed as is close to final commissioning and production.
  • Initiated the takeover of Essential Queensland, a company that had complimentary technology to Leaf Resources.

Currently Operating in 78 Regions

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