Creating bio-composites from plant-based fibers and resins to replace exotic hardwoods and carbon fiber.

Lingrove is a materials company specializing in high-performance and eco-friendly natural fiber composites. Their mission is to provide materials and development solutions to bring lighter, stronger, and better products to market that are also carbon-negative. The company makes wood without trees and develops materials with plant fibers to meet the diminishing supply of high-quality wood. Their signature material, Ekoa®, is a composite made from flax linen combined with bio-based resin and produced locally in the Bay Area. It is lighter than carbon fiber, stiffer than fiberglass, and its natural grain finish evokes the quality of the best timber. Ekoa® is an Earth-friendly solution for demanding applications, which for Lingrove, means products that are made with beautiful, high performing, and rapidly renewable materials that help make a difference.


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San Francisco, California, United States


Joe Luttwak

Joe Luttwak (Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Lingrove) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2018 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Goals 2018.

Unreasonable Goals 2018

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