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Novihum Technologies

Using high-value organic matter to transform depleted soil into fertile land.

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Andre Moreira

CEO at Novihum Technologies

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Dresden, Saxony, Germany

The United Nations expects the world population to reach nearly 10 billion people by 2050, challenging all of us to rethink how food production can meet humanity’s growing demands. Novihum Technologies is responding to this challenge through the development of a fertile humus that fortifies soil against harmful effects and facilitates high agricultural yields. Founded in 2012, Novihum Technologies developed a revolutionary soil additive that quickly accomplishes what would otherwise take decades to achieve using current methods. The company modifies soft coal (lignite) to make it identical to stable humus, a key component of fertile soils. This patented technological process was initially developed in Dresden, Germany, and has been refined in partnership with other elite research institutions. Tested in more than 280 single trials by third parties, the product increases yield from soil fertility by 50 percent or more. With only a single application, farmers can build an entire reservoir of soil humus. The result is healthier soil, higher yields, higher harvest quality, better resource efficiency, and plants with greater resilience to environmental stress.

Notable Achievements

  • With operations in Germany, Spain, the UK, Portugal, and the US, Novihum has sold over 500 tons of material internationally increasing over 3x from last year.
  • Investors include Munich Venture Partners, Cultivian Sandbox, THI Investments, and NRW.Bank Venture Fund.
  • Strong, established partnerships with EPC, a leading engineering services provider from Arnstadt, to extend their technology to EPC's licensing portfolio for an increased production capacity of up to 100,000 tons per year.

Currently Operating in Eight Countries

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