Enabling low-cost tidal energy with the most advanced tidal turbine in the world

Orbital Marine Power have an innovative solution for harnessing the renewable energy resources held in tidal stream currents that will enable the generation of predictable, low carbon energy to help tackle climate change. Based in Scotland the company has developed and demonstrated its proprietary floating turbine solution for over 15 years in the harshest of tidal conditions.

Orbital’s radical technology unlocks the lowest cost form of tidal energy production with a design that incorporates unparalleled accessibility for through-life maintenance with low cost approaches to manufacturing and construction; engaging established supply chains and existing industries.

Orbital is focused on the delivery of commercial tidal energy projects and bringing a new source of renewable power to the evolving and transitional energy markets around the world.


Kirkwall, Scotland, United Kingdom


Andrew Scott

Andrew Scott (CEO & Director at Orbital Marine Power) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since September 2020 and most recently participated in Shell StartUp Engine UK 2020.

Shell StartUp Engine UK 2020

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