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Developing performance electric vehicles and associated e-transportation technologies.

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Ranjita Ravi

Co-Founder & CEO at Orxa Energies

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Orxa Energies is a vertically integrated developer of performance electric motorbikes and associated technologies. They operate two business segments: a B2C producing performance electric motorbikes, and a B2B producing battery packs for use in the Aerospace, Defense, Agriculture, and other sectors. Orxa develops and produces its Lithium-ion battery packs in both segments, with its B2B segment serving as a robust R&D engine. The significant R&D in batteries translates into product performance in the ‘Mantis,’ Orxa's flagship e-bike.

Orxa's high-performance battery packs in the aerospace industry are used for heavy drones in agricultural applications, characterized by their compact size, high energy, and power density with excellent thermal management. In the automotive space, Orxa uses this same technology in their Mantis, characterized by lower weight and volume to manage the specific challenges of performance vehicles: longevity, thermal management, and weight. Orxa's Mantis motorcycles have the largest battery pack in its segment in India with the ability to deliver 200km of riding per charge in cities (150km in highway speeds) and are built for battery swaps.

The company is currently generating revenues in the B2B segment and is in the development phase for its electric bikes. For its B2C segment, Orxa is aiming to take pre-orders from Nov/Dec 2022 and begin deliveries in March 2023, and are currently engaging with potential customers by showcasing its bike performance through various touchpoints - from track days (i.e. try before you buy) and influencers. Orxa has completed an attempt to break the world record for the longest journey on an electric bike of 13510 km with its flagship product, the Mantis. Longer-term, Orxa plans to improve the performance of battery packs, set up fast-charging infrastructure via partnerships, expand its product range, and enter international markets.

Notable Achievements

  • World record-breaking endurance ride:The Mantis Motorcycles completed 13510km each in 54 days over extreme terrain & temperatures of India
  • Lean Technology Validation: 8 Mantis versions, have been tested/ridden by ~200 target customers. Tech proven on Defence & Aero platforms
  • Safety Certification & Homologation: Battery packs have cleared certification for Automotive 2W & 3W. In certification for Aero packs.

Currently Operating in Two Regions

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