Digitizing endangered designs and creating royalties for isolated artists around the world.

Roots Studio digitizes endangered art from isolated regions and licenses it as surface patterns into the $32 billion fashion, interior decor, and stationery markets. Unlike hundreds of artisan products plagued by difficult supply chains, Roots Studio enables artists to move upward from "craft laborers" to visual designers through sustained royalties. Through a digitization and royalty model, indigenous artists are able to access multi-billion dollar brands and average a value of art sold 20 times more than standard market models. Roots Studio, has digitized hundreds of unseen art from more than 3,000 artists in India, Syria, China, and Indonesia. Its team and advisors are leaders of tribes, designers, National Geographic Explorers, former business developers for Ralph Lauren, Bloomingdale's and Macy's. Funders include the Co-Founder of Tesla, Echoing Green, MIT, and Stanford.


Sustainable Cities Economic Inequality

New York, New York, United States


Rebecca Hui

Rebecca Hui (CEO at Roots Studio) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since November 2018 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Goals 2018.

Unreasonable Goals 2018

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