Jewelry supply chain increases income by 5x for marginalized artisans in the developing world.

SOKO is a manufacturing platform and ethical lifestyle brand that brings together artisan communities in the developing world with consumers worldwide. Our innovative supply chain uses mobile technology to connect independent artisan entrepreneurs directly to SOKO and the global marketplace. Unlike centralized factory production, we are using technology and systems design to empower human capital, not displace it.

SOKO has created proprietary supply chain technology that transforms the mobile phone into a powerful business tool. Through our distributed production model we call our “virtual factory” we have created a mobile enabled supply chain that empowers artisans in underserved communities to sustainably improve skills, manage and grow their businesses, and access the global market. Our technology organizes over 2300 independent, distributed artisans into an efficient and demand-responsive “virtual factory” enabling our artisan workshops to earn 4.8X more than an average Kenyan workshop.


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San Francisco, California, United States


Joanne Calabrese

Joanne Calabrese (CEO at Soko) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2014 and most recently participated in Girl Effect Accelerator.

Girl Effect Accelerator

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