Developing smart, sustainable, low-cost chemicals made of biomaterials to produce energy, enhance the environment, and fabricate materials and structures

Sylvatex is solving some of the world’s biggest chemical problems. Made of biomaterials, their nanoparticles are engineered systems that manipulate chemicals, fabricate materials and structures, produce energy and enhance the environment by providing cheaper more sustainable chemical solutions. Their IP-protected platform and growing database addresses multiple billion-dollar markets – from next-generation batteries materials to fragrances to fuels – while significantly reducing the toxic waste and carbon from industrial applications. Sylvatex products use low-cost inputs for all their applications including fuel additive and alternative fuel products. The simple splash-blending process that creates their micro-blend fuel enables production at scale with existing infrastructure and minimal capital investment. Sylvatex's sustainable chemistry platform seeks to reduce green house gasses (GHG) in the most effective way possible.


Berkeley, California, United States


Virginia Klausmeier

Virginia Klausmeier (President & CEO at Sylvatex) has been an Unreasonable Fellow since October 2020 and most recently participated in Unreasonable Impact Americas 2020.

Unreasonable Impact Americas 2020

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