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Martin Scaife

Chairman & CTO at Mobi-Air

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Singapore, Singapore
Since onset of the air-filtration industry and original patent filings in the 1920s, all current technologies have seen relatively low levels of innovation with marginal process performance improvements. The Mobi-Air team has challenged the status quo of today's incumbent-filtration technologies developing new technologies including zero maintenance and repair air filtration, low-energy low-turbulence multi-vortex tornado air filtration and closed-loop energy-free HVAC technology. Ultimately, this technology was developed to lower costs and protect nature, and in the process, the Mobi-Air team gained true inspiration from nature itself. The inspiration for the new low-energy low-turbulence multi-vortex tornado technology was inspired by the naturally forming multi-vortex tornados which exert very high G-Forces and use minimal amounts of energy to operate. All in, this newly developed closed-loop energy-free HVAC saves up to 85% of HVAC energy consumption and tonnage.

Notable Achievements

  • Daily operating costs of the Multi-Vortex solution is just 30% of incumbent filtration technology.
  • Mobi-Air's Closed-Loop HVAC can reduce factory HVAC energy requirements by up to 85%.
  • CEO, Martin Scaife, spent 16 years with P&G in technology production and automation.

Currently Operating in Four Regions

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