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Damien Uduehi

Founder & CEO at A-DEUS

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Employees 1–5
Headquarters Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
A-DEUS is a community-based clean energy network that makes low-carbon energy accessible and affordable to everyone. When users join the A-DEUS network, they become a member of a highly efficient, clean energy platform. They get an energy plan and an energy mortgage that will cut their lifetime energy costs and carbon emissions to the lowest levels. A-DEUS’ high-efficiency and high-utilization, low-carbon energy network produces up to 95% fewer emissions than traditionally delivered electricity and heating. It does this by integrating solar, fuel cell, solar, heat pump, and battery technology into one systems architecture with smart AI-enabled energy management.

Notable Achievements

  • The first demonstrator node is operational in Edinburgh and generates enough electricity to support 12 households with sufficient energy for
  • Within the first 9 months of operation, this node produced over 25,000 KWH of electricity and saved over 20,000 KG of CO2.
  • Commercial trial secured with market leader in premium market segment. Trial to commence end Q2/ early Q3 2024

Currently Operating in Two Regions

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