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Using flexible payment plans to deliver solar energy to the billions of individuals who lack access to grid electricity.

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Lesley Marincola

CEO at Angaza

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Employees 51–100
Headquarters San Francisco, California, United States
There are 1.3 billion people living without access to grid electricity. Every year, that population spends over $30 billion on fuel-based lighting sources like kerosene -- a dim, toxic, and expensive energy source. While solar-powered solutions exist, access to such sustainable innovations is extremely limited due to upfront cost. Angaza removes this barrier by creating Pay-As-You-Go technology. Businesses are able to extend flexible solar payment plans to the billions of individuals in need of electricity for just $1 per week, making solar energy finally affordable. Their platform allows manufacturers and distributors of off-grid energy products to expand their customer base and access data-driven market insights. To date, Angaza has quadrupled the rate of solar connection, helping over 1 million people make the switch from kerosene to solar power.

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The San Fran solar company bringing clean energy to off-grid Africa

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Posted May 13, 2022

Finance Manager

Nairobi, Kenya

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Posted March 24, 2022

Data Scientist

San Francisco, CA, USA

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Posted March 19, 2022

Head of Credit and Risk


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Posted December 3, 2021

Senior Software Engineer

San Francisco, CA, USA

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