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Bridging the sustainable finance regulatory gap, leveraging AI to accelerate the allocation of capital to truly green projects.

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Tomas van der Heijden

CEO at Briink

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Briink is at the forefront of the emerging ESG knowledge economy, a market valued at approximately EURO 64 billion and poised for rapid growth due to escalating demands for sustainability. We recognize the unique challenges faced by ESG professionals—costly, repetitive tasks coupled with intricate domain knowledge. Our mission is to transform this landscape by harnessing the power of generative AI solutions.

We provide a revolutionary approach to automate critical aspects of ESG workflows, liberating knowledge workers from mundane tasks and allowing them to focus on what humans do best: work creatively. We need all the creativity and human ingenuity we can get if we are going to hit net zero within our lifetimes.
By mapping ESG workflows and applying Large Language Models (LLMs), we are pioneering a new era of sustainable finance, building an ESG AI toolbox that automates processes like ESG disclosures, assessments, due diligence, and policy screening. With a product-led sales business model and a commitment to building a comprehensive AI-powered ESG Automation Software category, Briink is poised to become the leading platform for the ESG knowledge economy, driving immense productivity gains in the journey towards a net-zero future.

Notable Achievements

  • Global Top 100 AI Solution for SDGs - International Research Centre of Artificial Intelligence (UNESCO)
  • 1500 ESG analysts using our platform on a weekly basis growing (175% week-over-week growth)
  • Asset manager and fund administrator clients managing over $100bn to combat greenwashing and increase transparency in ESG data collection

Currently Operating in Seven Regions

Press Mentions

February 7, 2024

Von Null auf Zukunft: KI revolutioniert Nachhaltige Finanzen

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February 7, 2023

Apex Group Partners with Briink, Paving the Way For AI-powered SFDR and EU Taxonomy Reporting in the Financial Sector

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Posted March 27, 2024

Account Executive - Climate Tech AI

Berlin, Germany

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Posted July 26, 2023

Open Application @ Briink

Berlin, Germany

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