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Re-creating construction through fully circular and sustainable materials

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Adital Ela

Founder and CEO at Criaterra

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Holon, Center District, Israel
CRIATERRA’s BioGeo Agglomerated Stone is a carbon-neutral building material that can effectively replace precast products for buildings including masonry blocks, exterior cladding and interior surfaces while improving functional properties. CRIATERRA tiles are market ready and generating orders. 
Our process cuts energy usage in manufacturing by 90%, upcycles 77% of the raw materials and maintains 100% recyclability. CRIATERRA’s products are priced for affordability.  
CRIATERRA targets two of the most urgent climate challenges: (1) The process of kiln firing required in the manufacture of cement, ceramic and gypsum products for buildings. This process generates both combustion and process emissions, making the building industry one of the biggest carbon emitters, (2) The reduction of energy consumption of buildings – operational emissions. 
CRIATERRA tackles combustion emissions, process emissions and operational emissions with one solution.

Notable Achievements

  • Criaterra's patent for circular low carbon precast building products was granted in the US, Europe and additional IP has been developed.
  • Criaterra's technological platform for the BioGeo Agglomerated Stone Technology is the foundation for CRIATERRA’s Masonry Block (TRL5).
  • In addition to $4.5M equity raised, Criaterra was awarded $3.3M in selective non-dilutive grant funding, from Horizon 2020 and the IIA

Currently Operating in Four Regions

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