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Revolutionizing the way the world purifies and reuses water, saving over 4 billion gallons and nearly $60 million in the U.S.

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Nadav Efraty

Chief Executive Officer at Desalitech

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Around the world, population increases and the water-intensive industrial sector are putting pressure on existing water resources, and many have already been depleted or polluted. Desalitech's technology was introduced to the desalination market in 2009 as an energy-saving breakthrough to make drinking water from seawater. Now, Desalitech's Reverse Osmosis systems are rapidly replacing traditional water purification methods. Municipalities and Fortune 500 companies around the world, including Coca-Cola and P&G, rely on these systems to streamline their operations while cutting costs through maximum water recovery rates, lower energy consumption, and lower maintenance requirements. To date, Desalitech has saved nearly 5 billion gallons of water and $71 million, while using 35 percent less energy on average.

Desalitech has been acquired.

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