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Reinventing pet food with science to make complete, clean protein pet foods that are healthier for pets and better for the environment

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Ryan Bethencourt

CEO at Wild Earth

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Berkeley, California, United States
Developed by veterinarians, Wild Earth’s [WE] formula primarily consists of eco-friendly and renewably sourced koji, a filamentous fungus that is traditionally found in umami-rich foods. Koji is a complete protein containing all 10 essential amino acids dogs need, and requires dramatically fewer resources than farming animals for pet food to produce the same nutritional value. WE cultures koji in bioreactors, feeding it beet sugar, which the fungus then converts into protein. The Company’s kibble, supplements, and treat products are filled with omega fatty acids, digestion-boosting enzymes, and prebiotics to support gastrointestinal microbiomes . Over 86% of surveyed customers reported a positive health benefit for their pet after switching to WE. The Company maintains two awarded patents for the use of fungi as a complete protein in pet food. This gives WE a meaningful edge against competitors as the cost of fungi is significantly lower than alternative plant and animal-based proteins.

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