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Simplifying dining operations, saving water, and reducing chemical use through robotics dish-washing innovation

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Linda Pouliot

Founder & CEO at Dishcraft Robotics

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Dishcraft uses the power of robotics, AI, and process innovation to create a greener and cleaner planet. Similar to a linen service, Dishcraft delivers quality, reusable dishes, containers, glasses and flatware each day with pricing comparable to disposable wares and in-house dishwashing. Dirty dishes are picked up from Dishdrop collection bins and delivered to centralized dishwashing facilities powered by our robots, where automation ensures fast, reliable, and ultra-clean sanitized dishes. Dishcraft serves hotels, cafeterias, businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, and restaurants. With increasing usage levels of single-use disposables and mounting landfill volumes, bringing reusability to food services will have incredible environmental impact.

Dishcraft Robotics is no longer operating.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over $48 million from investors including Baseline Ventures, First Round Capital, and Lemnos.
  • Each robot can wash up to 12k dishes per day while using teaspoons of water per dish.
  • Won Visionary Award in "Good Robot" Industry Awards from Silicon Valley Robotics.

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