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Harnessing ocean and sea waves to generate clean and affordable electricity.

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Inna Braverman

Co-Founder & CEO at Eco Wave Power

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Israel
Founded in 2011, Eco Wave Power is a leading onshore wave energy technology company that has developed a patented, smart and cost-efficient technology for turning ocean and sea waves into green electricity. Eco Wave Power’s mission is to assist in the fight against climate change by enabling commercial power production from sea and ocean waves. EWP is recognised as a “Pioneering Technology” by Israel’s Ministry of Energy and was labelled as an “Efficient Solution” by the Solar Impulse Foundation. Furthermore, Eco Wave Power’s project in Gibraltar has received funding from the European Union Regional Development Fund and from the European Commission’s HORIZON2020 framework program. The company was also recently recognised by the United Nations in receiving the “Climate Action Award”, which was granted to the company during COP25 in Madrid, Spain. Eco Wave Power is the first Israeli Company to ever go public on Nasdaq Stockholm. The company is pioneering in its sector by operating the only grid-connected wave energy array in the world, which is operational under a PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) and holds a substantial number of projects in its pipeline. 

Notable Achievements

  • CEO, Inna Braverman, selected for 2020 European Women in Tech Fast Company and Äôs Most Creative People in Business 2020
  • Patent portfolio of 17 Patents and Patents Pending in Israel, Europe and the USA.
  • Existing projects in Israel and Gibraltar, and a 20 MW Concession Agreement with ADPL (Por t of Leixoes) in Portugal

Currently Operating in Three Regions

Press Mentions

March 24, 2020

Blue energy: innovative ways of harnessing energy from the oceans

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May 16, 2023

Eco Wave Power designs technology for Greek port

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May 15, 2023

Eco Wave Power will Present its Innovative Technology during the Austrian Annual World Summit Hosted by Former Governor of California- Arnold Schwarzenegger

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April 24, 2023

Former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger Meets Eco Wave Power’s CEO Inna Braverman and Tours Nation’s First-Ever Onshore Wave Energy Location in Los Angeles

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January 26, 2023

Joined by Philanthropist Melanie Lundquist and Impact Investor Kat Taylor, Inna Braverman CEO of Eco Wave Power Unveiled United States’ First Onshore Wave Energy Technology at the Port of Los Angeles

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December 12, 2022

Eco Wave Power wins the Prestigious Innovation Award by the Port Authority of the Balearic Islands for its Planned Wave Energy Installation at Port Adriano, Spain

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