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Maximizing the value of energy by time-shifting high grade heat

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Employees 6–20
Headquarters Oslo, Oslo, Norway
ENERGYNEST offers a flexible and cost-effective thermal energy storage (TES) system for customers in power generation-, energy-intensive manufacturing and renewables industries. The thermal battery solutions decarbonize energy supply by electrifying industrial heat, and by recovering and repurposing waste heat into energy on demand. ENERGYNEST also provides large-scale energy storage to solar thermal- and other zero emission power plants. Founded in 2011, the company is headquartered in Billingstadt with offices in Hamburg and Seville and is ranked #3 in Global TOP100 Carbon Reducing Innovations by Mission Innovation. We power the global energy transition of industry with clean energy on demand, nest by nest. 

Notable Achievements

  • First scale-up globally to have installed fully integrated Thermal Battery solution in commercially operating industrial plant
  • Ranked among the TOP #3 global companies for CO2 reduction innovations by Mission Innovation
  • Raised over €150 millon to date. Investors include Infracapital (part of M&G Group)

Currently Operating in Nine Regions

Press Mentions

November 30, 2022

New energy storage technologies hold key to renewable transition

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