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Anna Björklou

COO at Epishine AB

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Employees 21–50
Headquarters Linköping, Östergötland County, Sweden
Epishine is a developer of energy-harvesting technology optimized for low-light conditions indoors. The company's technology is environment-friendly, functional in low-light settings, and can power indoor wireless devices, enabling users to have an alternative to disposable batteries. Their first product is a unique, organic solar cell, optimized for harvesting ambient indoor light that is easily integrated into small, low-power electronics. These organic solar cells are third-generation photovoltaic cells with the unique qualities of being semitransparent, lightweight, and 100% organic resulting in a very low energy payback time. Epishine was founded on 30+ years of research in organic electronics, photovoltaics, and breakthrough manufacturing processes which unlocks unparalleled scalability at one-tenth the cost of traditional solar cells.

Notable Achievements

  • First product launched February 2021
  • First customer contracts in 2021
  • Patents on a printed R2R manufacturing process securing high and even quality

Currently Operating in 67 Regions

Press Mentions

March 8, 2023

Epishine and Atmosic Create New Possibilities for Low-Power Electronics

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