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Connecting companies with recyclers to offset the environmental impact of packaging

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Thiago Pinto

Founder and CEO at Eureciclo

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Employees 101–200
Headquarters Bela Vista, São Paulo, Brazil
Eureciclo connects companies with recyclers to offset the environmental impact of packaging sold in Latin America.

Founded in 2017, Eureciclo brings transparency and traceability to the reverse logistics industry. Through a proprietary mix of hardware and software technologies, the company has developed a method by which it can track the post-consumer packaging recycling chain. This approach helps screening centers ensure that recyclables arrive at the correct destination. Furthermore, it helps companies meet ESG by verifying the amount of packaging they put into the market is offset by that same amount being recycled.

Eureciclo's results are legally enforceable and have ensured over 695,000 tons of post-consumer waste has been recycled correctly.

Notable Achievements

  • Raised over USD30million
  • Working with over 7000 enterprise companies, 26000 recycling actors. More than 800000 tons recycled
  • First Packaging Recovery Organization accredited and regulated by Chile and Brazil

Currently Operating in Three Regions

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