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Earth's first personalized meal delivery service for kitchen operators with zero carbon footprint.

Farmstand is changing the way the world gets meals delivered at www.eatfarmstand.com

Farmstand provides personalised meals to the hospitality industry that they just need to reheat so require less labour, consume less energy and have zero ingredient waste. 

At Farmstand, we believe healthy food needs to be affordable. 
Our founder grew up working-class and is also a cancer survivor so every aspect of our business was designed to make healthy and delicious meals accessible to all. 
We chef-prepare fresh Farmstand-branded meals efficiently, price them affordably, and then deliver them to hospitality businesses who reheat them and sell them to their customers. 
It's been described as a "build-your-own salad bar meets Ben's ready rice."
Take a stand with Farmstand.

Problem: 60% of hospitality businesses are not profitable. 
Timing: 1 in 3 hospitality businesses may close.
Current solution: Hospitality businesses make meals from scratch. 

Farmstand’s solution: Fresh personalized meals that hotels and restaurants just need to reheat. 
Our meals require 75% less labour, 95% less energy consumption, have 0% ingredient waste.

Farmstand has been acquired.

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